Angela Bianca

Angela Bianca is a brand of the the Italian company Monica Loretti which caters to the price conscious brides who don’t want to make concessions to style and fitting. The dresses are of the same[…]

Daniela di Marino

Daniela di Marino is another Italian brand in our portfolio. In fact, it is the sister label to Monica Loretti, thus guaranteeing the same quality and service. Daniela di Marino offers a wide range of[…]

Allure Bridals

For Allure Bridal it’s all about creating a wedding dress worthy of a bride’s most treasured moments. Every dress has it’s own unique details—beading, floral appliqués, dramatic backs, and perfect draping. Beaded lace, English net[…]

Higar Novias

Higar Novias Group is an international bridal fashion company which operates worldwide for over 30 years and has a staff of more than 200 people. The Higar Novias Group consists of 4 brands in total,[…]

Monica Loretti

Monica Loretti is an Italian brand, which has already managed to settle in between the big names in its home country Italy. The secret of Monica Loretti is that they aim for high quality dresses to[…]